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."A better future for.

.people in prison through.

.the power of sport.".


We support people in prison by using sport as a means of rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

."The law grants prisoners a.

.possibilty to exercise and.

.participate in sports activities.".


§43 StVG

."Phönix uses the potential of.

.sport to work together on.

.oneself and one's goals.".


Our training concept is based on a mindset characterized by respect, team spirit and resilience. In sports and in life.

."The Phönix team supports.

.participants on their way and.

.helps them find sports clubs.

.after release.".


For a successful comeback into society.

."The path to a crime-free life.

.within a community poses a.

.great challenge for many.



Reintegration does not happen by itself. 

.Our Partners.

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