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.What is Phönix?.

We are Phoenix - Training for Life, a non-profit organization that supports people in prison by using sport as a means of rehabilitation and reintegration into society. 

.Our Goal:.

Through sport, we teach life skills from which our participants benefit also after release. With sport, we want to promote the process of reintegration, reduce the likelihood of recidivism and create new perspectives.


.The Founders.


.Ricardo Parger.

Ricardo is the founder of Phönix and responsible for the organizational management and communication. In addition to his legal training, he was involved in voluntary legal advice, hospice and youth work. After completing his law studies in 2018, Ricardo got to know the prison system during his court practice.

He is a Social Impact Award winner and is researching transformative justice as part of his doctorate.



.Dominik Bachmeier.

Dominik is co-founder of Phönix and head coach. His area of responsibility includes project management and design of the training concept. During his studies in sports education, he was already in charge of a sports program with young people in a prison in Bavaria. 

He is currently completing his studies in clinical social work at the FH Campus Wien. His focus: Sport and rehabilitation in prisons.


 Team Spotlights 


.Lydia Schiroky

Head of Digital

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.Johanna Syrch.



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.Predrag Miletic.

Basketball Coach

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.Marvin Muck.

Fitness Coach

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.Katharina Neidhart

Nutritional Coach

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.Our Advisory Board.

.Günter Stummvoll.

Criminologist, Conflict Research Center


.Edith Heller.

Red Noses former managing director

.Wolfgang Turner.

Head of the Korneuburg Prison

.Doris Denk.

Social Worker,

Korneuburg Prison


.Meyrem Kahraman.

Head of Social Work & Psychological department, Josefstadt Prison

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